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In the last issue youths were advised to wake up and realize the importance of life. In that issue the benefits of getting up early were highlighted. In this issue emphasis is given to important points necessary for a healthy life.

Visiting the Toilet

In the morning after cleaning the teeth and mouth one must drink few glasses of water. After drinking the water one should visit the toilet. Usually people do not pay so much attention to the cleanliness of their stomach compared to eating. Many people keep on eating something all the time and they think that visiting the toilet once in 24 hours is good enough.

Each person must visit the toilet for excretion twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The Ayurved (book of health) states that if body waste is excreted before sunrise, it increases the life span of a person.

Many people, due to other important commitments, hold on to the call of nature. To do this is very harmful to the body. Whenever there is call of nature one should never hold it because to do so causes various sicknesses such as heaviness, headache etc. The eyesight becomes weak.

Some people cannot excrete in the morning and if they do so then it is done partly only. They have to visit the toilet a couple of times before the excretion is complete. Those who have constipation must pay attention to the following tips:

1. Do exercise daily

2. Use whole meal sharps for roti. People with constipation should eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables instead of dhal. Using a lot of spices in food causes constipation. The meals should include ghee, milk, butter etc. in a suitable amount. One must have meals on time.

One who follows the above tips should not have constipation. If for any reason one does get constipation, the following practices may help.

1. Every evening fill some water in a copper container. Leave it overnight and drink it in the morning. This will allow easy flow of the body waste.

2. Drink a lot skim milk. This will cure this sickness quickly.

After visiting the toilet one should wash hands, legs and mouth. This removes tiredness and improves eyesight.

Cleanliness of the Teeth

The teeth are compared with diamond. The beauty of diamond, its shininess attracts everyone. The teeth in the mouth like the precious diamond provides charming beauty of the face. The shining teeth have a special attraction.

It is needless to say how precious the teeth are to the human body. The teeth are the builders and the protectors of our body. If our teeth are healthy we have a healthy body and if our teeth are unhealthy our body becomes unhealthy. Without teeth one loses the beauty of the face. That too is why our great ancient rishis and the learned ones have advised us to look after our teeth.

Due to unclean teeth diseases such as joint pains, heart trouble, eye problems and mental disabilities are caused. The mouth has bad smell and the gums swell up. Always remember if the teeth are not healthy then a person cannot keep oneself healthy.

To keep the teeth healthy and strong is not difficult. If we take care of our teeth at a fixed time daily then the question of them getting bad before a hundred years does not arise. Our ancient Ayurvedic teachers have praised the use of datoon (a thin pencil size green stick used for cleaning the teeth). The datoon of ‘neem’ tree is very good for the teeth.

After cleaning the teeth one should clean the tongue. Without cleaning the tongue the cleanliness of the teeth is just half complete. Cleaning of the tongue removes bad smell of the mouth and prevents the diseases of the mouth and teeth.


It has been highlighted in the last issue that dawn is very beneficial for our physical health and mental and intellectual development. During this time the whole environment is very pleasant. Sweet smell rises from the earth. The cool breeze blows which gives us freshness, energy, glitter, encouragement and good health. Our conscience is full of pleasure and the mind is filled with happiness. Having a walk in this environment full of sweetness and bliss is very beneficial. Walking early in the morning is a very good exercise. It is full of wonders. It brings life into a person who has lost hope.

One should first know the method of taking morning walk. Put on minimum clothes. While walking the neck should be raised, the backbone should be kept straight, the chest stretched out and the knees should be straight. Both hands should move back and forward. The mouth should be closed. Take in long breathe through your nostrils. This broadens ones chest and purifies the blood. While walking remove all the worries from the mind and admire the beauty of nature. Stop thinking about worldly things and feel that the life giving morning breeze entering my body is purifying the blood, my skin is being beautified, my body is being energized and the blood flow is being activated. The sicknesses of the body are being destroyed. If possible walk alone. If you have to walk with a friend then avoid talking about useless things because taking a walk without seriousness will not result in maximum benefit.

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati used to walk twelve miles every morning. Mahatma Gandhi had the habit of walking after prayers everyday. Daily walk increases the metabolism in the body. Walking is a good cure for constipation. Constipation which has been troubling you for years and was incurable with medicine, is cured through morning walk.

Those who have excessive sexual desires, should make the habit of walking every morning. This brings sexual desires under control. One should walk in an area which has beautiful scenery, is clean and where clean air is blowing. The best time for walking is in the morning but if one cannot do it in the morning then it can be done in the evening. Walk according to your energy.

Take a vow from today that you will follow the above to maintain good health.


The Vedas state:- Abhyanjanam surabhi sa smriddhi, (Atharva Ved 6 / 124 /3) meaning oil massaging, application of surma (kajal) and scent lead to progress in ones life. Oil massaging helps in building a beautiful, strong, healthy and a solid body, and massaging does not let wrinkles to be formed on the face. Massaging various parts of the body has various benefits. Massaging oil on the head keeps the hair soft and shiny. The brain is energised, the eyesight is improved, and one has a sound sleep. Massaging the face beautifies it. Massaging removes many ailments from the body and makes it healthy and powerful. It cures diseases like daad and scabies.

It is stated in Ayurved (book of medicine) that just like when the root of the tree is watered the branches and the leaves develop and the tree becomes healthy, similarly massaging develops fluids, blood, flesh etc in the body. This makes the body healthy and beautiful.

Maharishi Charak praising about massaging has said “just as when oil or greasy material is applied to earthen ware it becomes strong, when applied to the skin makes it good and if applied to the wheels eases the movement, similarly oil massage makes the body tough, the skin is beautified and joint pains disappear. The body is able to withstand physical strains. Oil massage is beneficial to the skin, it increases the life span, the body shines and old age is kept at a distance. So it is important that one must massage the body.

The value of oil is no less than that of ghee. According to Maharishi Charak, oil has eight times more strength than ghee. The only difference is that ghee is beneficial when taken as food and oil is beneficial when used for massaging.

The best oil for massaging is mustard oil. The procedure for massaging is as follows. First massage the legs and then the hands. After the hands, massage the back, shoulders and the neck. Then massage the stomach and the chest. According to the make up of the body, massage every part separately. During cold season massage under the sunlight and during hot days in a cool place. Massage the back, hands, legs and head upwards. Massage the stomach and chest upwards. Massaging is good for boys and girls, as well as for men and women.

Apply oil to every part of the body and massage well. Do special massaging of the head, ears and the sole. Daily massaging of the head cures problems such as headaches, hair loss and weakness of the brain. Putting oil inside of the ears prevents joint pains in the body and solves the problem of loss of hearing or deafness. Massaging of the sole improves ones eyesight.

One must have enough time for massaging. If one does not have enough time then when you have your bath, instead of applying soap on the body, apply oil and massage the body. This will take only few minutes but doing so daily will keep you healthy always.

If you cannot massage daily then do it at least once a week when ever you find it suitable. Weekly massaging is also beneficial.

Do not massage if you have fever, cough, sores and vomiting. After massaging wait for at least half an hour before bathing. There should be an interval of at least three hours between massaging and meals.


Bathing daily is also a very important part of daily Vedic timetable. By bathing the body becomes clean, the pores of the skin open up, heat of the body is reduced, laziness is removed, the mind is happy, one is more devoted to studies and God realization, the digestive system is improved and one is free of sicknesses.

The Rigved states that water is life. Water is a medicine which acts against diseases. It destroys many forms of diseases and it will cure your sicknesses as well.

It is written in the Ayurved that by bathing our body is cleansed, we live longer, tiredness is removed and the body is energized.

One should always take a bath in cold water. Use hot water only in unavoidable situations. Under any circumstance one should only use cold water on the head. Using hot water on the head weakens the eye sight and the hair and the brain suffers damage as well.

The procedure for bathing is as follows. First lower the head and wet it. When the head is watered first the heat in the head escapes downwards through the legs and the head becomes cooler. If the legs are watered first then the heat travels upwards and finally ends up in the head. This causes various types of head sicknesses. After wetting the head wet the rest of the body well. When the body is wet all over then take a small towel and rub the whole body with it. Do this for 5-7 minutes. The dirt in the skin pores will swell up and will be removed. Apply a lot of water under the solar plexus. This cures the problem of wet dreams. At the end use the same towel and wipe the body dry and put on clothes. The shower is complete.

Note:- Never bath after meals, at mid night and with clothes on.


Out of all the organs of the human body the eyes are the best. Someone said it right “without eyes the world does not exist for you”. Another saying is famous “if you have eyes then there is world for you”. It is true that without the eyes the world is dead place. A person should take all the steps to protect the eyes with care until he/she desires to live because even after having everything the world is useless for a blind person.

Given below are ways for eye protection derived from various texts. Practise these and protect your eyes.

1. Reading while the vehicle is in motion can damage the eyes.

2. Always sit upright while reading. While reading the book should be at least 13 inches away from the eyes. Never lean over while reading and writing. This reduces the eyesight and damages the lungs.

3. Do not use, towel, eyeglasses etc. belonging to others. Eye diseases spread this way.

4. Do not look at the eclipse. If need be use a heavily tinted glasses.

5. If the eyes are sore then do not read because forcing your eyes will worsen the problem.

6. Staring at the moon at night increases the eyesight.

7. Walking on the grass covered with dew, in the morning increases the eye sight.

8. Always read under sufficient light. The light should fall from the back straight in line with the shoulders and not from the front.

9. Reading under fluctuating light of sun rise or sun set is harmful to the eyes.

10. Washing the head with yoghurt, applying pure mustard oil in the eyes, applying pure honey, washing the eyes with rose water and smelling the mustard oil are the ways to improve the eye sight.

11. If the eyes are weak or the head aches when reading then have a pair of glasses made.

12. After meals wash your hands and move the wet hands over the face and eyes. This increases the eye sight.

14. Holding on to the call of nature weakens the eyesight. So one should never hold on to the call of nature.

15. While reading if you get tired then relax yourself. Do not continue till tiredness is over.


The Vedic literature states that one should meditate daily. After bath one should sit in a quiet place and meditate. Meditation is very vital part of our daily timetable. Through meditation one attains physical health, intellectual powers and a long life span. One must mediate to God daily to make ones life pure and clean.

Pranayam (breathing exercise) 0

During meditation one has to do breathing exercise (paranayam). Pranayam should be done in the following manner:-

Sit in a comfortable posture. Both knees should be touching the floor. The head, neck and the back bone all should be in a straight line. Rest both hands on the knees. The whole body should be stretched. The chest should be stretched and bulging outwardly. The chin should be lowered towards the chest.

Sitting in this way just like the act of vomiting pushes out in full force and all food and water is pushed out, similarly air within should be exhaled with full force. All air should be exhaled in one go not bit by bit. Hold the breath till you can. When you start feeling uneasy then breathe in slowly but do not hold the breath within. This is one pranayam. Do this at least three times.

Pranayam cleans the blood in the lungs. Just as iron is heated in the fire to remove impurities, similarly pranayam removes all the weaknesses of the senses. Pranayam develops the body, the lungs are strengthened, mental powers increase and the intelligence is developed.

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