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The Vedic Training Centre

The Vedic Training Centre (VTC) is an initiative of the Sabha for the direct benefit of its members and the followers of Vedic Religion. Commissioned in 2002 the Centre began training Vedic Preachers and Purohits using the facilities of Pt. Gopendra Narayan ‘Arya Ratna’ Memorial Hall, set in between Arya Samaj Primary School and DAV Girls College. On June 8, 2003 the foundation of the new Vedic Training Centre was laid and the new facilities were used from 2004.

The Centre is the only one of its kind in the South Pacific. The Centre offers Certificate and Diploma level study of Vedas, Upnishads, Sanskar Vidhi, Satyarath Prakash, Ramayan, Geeta, and the art of public speaking and performance of sanskaars. Entry is free but conditions apply. The Centre is under the Chairmanship of Justice Devendra Pathik ‘Arya Ratna’.

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